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Behind the recording studio walls | Na True

Updated: May 23, 2019

Hello on the other side of the recording studio walls!

I would like to briefly share the story of my next release with you. It is an Afrobeats/Afro-fusion song entitled "Na True", which in Nigerian Pidgin English means "It's True". It is a truly stirring song which came to me starting on my way back from work on a lovely breezy afternoon. The muse and inspiration that day was so much that on getting home, I picked up my guitar, sat on a stool by a table with a pen and paper within my reach, and I just played, and wrote, until 30 minutes later–alas! I had completed the beautiful love song "Na True". I am dedicating it to my lovely wife.

Recording and mixing this song has also been such an amazing experience, being so immersed in the percussions and melody. It stirs the heart and lifts the spirit. I'm such a fan that sometimes it is hard to believe that I actually wrote this song.

It will become available in a few weeks and I honestly cannot wait for you to hear and feel the wonder of "Na True". I hope it moves you as much as it has moved me.

Peace and Love.


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